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Written by Daniel Futerman

Quick start guide to video marketing for startups

Quick start guide to video marketing for startups

This is exciting.

You're ready to move out of stealth mode and reveal your startup to the world. Or perhaps you've already gone live, but are now ready to show how your product works for your target audience.

Either way, this guide is for you.

It's specifically helpful for startups that want to invest in video marketing but haven't done so before.

So before we dive into the guide, here are a few examples of the videos my studio creates. This will give you a glimpse of what is possible.

Brand flagship videos

Our tech and SaaS products help create awareness and transform the way people connect with your brand.

The first question is simple.

Why do you want to make a video?

What is the single goal you want to achieve?

If you don't have an answer to that question, start a few steps back.

You need to decide where in the sales funnel you want your target audience to engage with your video.

Awareness → Interest → or Intent.

Defining that will help you answer the next batch of questions:

  • Should you focus on a single product or show your vision?

  • What type of emotion will drive your audience's engagement?

  • What primary benefits should the video feature specific benefits?

Answering that will provide clarity on technical things like:

  • How long should the video be?

  • Where should you host the video?

  • What is the best creative style to use?

  • What kind of script to write?

  • What voice-over to use?

And with that, the studio will be able to provide you with:

  • The production time.

  • Your estimated investment.

If you feel overwhelmed, trust me... you're not alone.

After years of working with startups to Fortune 500 companies, I noticed a common thread.

Most of my clients have very similar challenges:

➡ They never made a video and don't know where to start.
➡ They tried to do it themselves but realized that's not the way to go.
➡ They hired someone who provided terrible service and experience.

And that's what I help you solve. 👌

✅ I will help you create a video you will be proud to share with the world.
✅ I will guide you through the process from start to end.
✅ I will make it easy for you. And yes... also fun.

My studio is most effective in these two growth scenarios:

🌱 Seed stage startups looking to invest in brand awareness.
🚀 Series A/B startups who are looking to scale growth.

🙌 Our favorite clients value great communication and have trust in their creative partners.

✨ And our favorite products are ones that improve people's lives.

Feel like we'd make a fit? Want to have a chat about your project?

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7 Steps production workflow

Many of the startups I work with at the studio are new to making videos.

Here's a short overview of the production stages of making a video.

1. Brief/Discovery call

The first step in the video production process is the brief.

Here, we will discuss your project, ask questions, and listen to your requirements.

Then, we will get our team together to brainstorm creative ideas and develop a concept moodboard for your video.

2. Script/Moodboard

The next step is to write an excellent script. This is the foundation of every good video.

We prefer to be deeply involved in story creation. But if you already have a script, we will be happy to go with that too.

3. Design/Storyboard

After the script is ready, it's time for some sketches.

n this step, we will develop a storyboard & style frames to align on look & feel.

Once both are approved, we will move on to designing all the key scenes throughout the video.

4. Voice over

The next step is to record the voiceover.

The right voice along with the exact delivery is crucial for creating the right connection with your audience.

We work with a wide variety of high quality talent and make sure to identify exactly the right match for your project.

5. Animation

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

The visuals come to life and all the hard work starts paying off.

We will tweak keyframes, adjust the value graph, and keep animating until it’s just right.

6. Sound

Sound is just as important as visual content, if not even more so.

We work with highly talented audio producers who compose both music and sound effects, custom-made for your video.

7. Sign off

Time to wrap things up.

We will fine-tune all the last bits & pieces and then render out a shiny new video for you to share with the world.

For a more fun outline of this overview, visit this video workflow page.

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