Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

I’m shifting gears.

Its something I wanted to do for years but never went all in.

I’ve finally had enough.

❌ Had enough of hiding behind my insecurities and excuses.
❌ Had enough of letting my dreams drift away.
❌ Had enough of sitting on the sidelines.
❌ Had enough of saying “one day”.

✅ I want to share value.
✅ I want to help more people.
✅ I want to make a meaningful impact.

It’s time to go all in.

And commit.

I'm shifting gears into creator mode ⚡️✏️

🛠This means I'm going to do more of what I love.

⭐ Create, experiment, and explore.
⭐ Openly share my challenges and learnings.
⭐ Continually serve and help others.

🎙️ While being true to my values, voice, and personality.

I’m doing this because I want to:

→ Change the trajectory of my next 5-10 years 📈
→ Live a life of fulfillment and purpose 🙏
→ Maintain flexibility over my time ⏰
→ Unlock my desired lifestyle 🐳
→ Serve more people ✌️👀

🔥 These days I’m exploring/working on:

  • A SaaS product for managing project workflow.

  • A resource tool for motion designers.

  • Growing my motion design studio.

  • Improving my website and brand identity.

  • Exploring emerging tech in the creative space.

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